CMEC is Approved by TXDOT and FHWA to Accredit Labs

May 24, 2016 11:19:47 AM / by CMEC

The Texas Department of Transportation Quality Assurance Program for Design-Bid-Build Projects now states that any non-commercial laboratory used for IA or dispute resolution sampling and testing must also be accredited by a FHWA- and TxDOT- approved accrediting body. CMEC is listed as one of the approved accrediting bodies.

Laboratories are required to conform to the requirements of AASHTO R18 to become accredited (same as AASHTO). CMEC conducts annual on-site inspections instead of the 24 – 30 months of the AMRL and CCRL. These annual visits allows for closely monitoring the laboratory’s performance. The laboratory’s testing equipment is checked and measured to ensure that it conforms to the applicable standards. Each test method is demonstrated and observed as part of the on-site inspection. 

 CMEC uses experienced inspectors who have worked within the industry. These inspectors are willing and able to assist the laboratories. Not only do they point out the nonconformity/findings during the inspection, but offer why it is a nonconformity and the effect it may have on the test itself. The inspectors will, whenever possible, offer up suggestions on how to correct nonconformities.

CMEC currently inspects the laboratories to AASHTO, ASTM, and/or State Methods of Tests.

In addition, the comparative costs of the CMEC accreditation may be considerably less than that of other Accreditation Bodies. 

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